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DirectIP solutions provide intelligent surveillance to increase securityand improve traffic analysis throughout an airport.

Ensuring the safety of travelers and staff in a busy airport environment is a challenge for security professionals across the globe. DirectIP solutions increase security and safety by providing operational efficiencies across
passenger checkpoints, terminal areas, duty free shops, baggage screening, and parking facilities as well as external areas such and aircraft facilities and operational perimeters.

Intelligent surveillance

Throughout an airport, there are many high-risk zones exposed to theft and malicious activity. The DirectIP NVR’s built-in panic recording system ensures operators can capture suspicious behavior and respond in real-time before an event turns into a full-blown emergency.

Improved traffic flow

By analyzing high resolution video footage, DirectIP greatly assists with managing passenger  ow through busy airports and potential bottlenecks, such as at check-in.

Hangar observation

DirectIP megapixel cameras catch even the tiniest of movements at risk of intrusion from unauthorized personnel.