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Part of having a smart home is energy management which can lead to saving money. Use power monitoring to understand where you energy is being used. Offset energy consumption with solar powered solutions and wind power. Bring natural light into your home with skylights and reduce heat exchange by using window coverings.Smart Intelligent Panel,WIFI Switch Panel,Smart Plug to control the energy.


Consumer electronics, office equipment and other plug loads consume 15 to 20 percent of total residential and commercial electricity while not in primary mode. Much of this energy is consumed when these devices operate in low-power modes but are not actually in use. One way to reduce this unnecessary electricity consumption is to use a smart energy management system.


The main goal of our project “Smart home energy monitoring and management system” is to develop a system such that it will be capable to keep a track of each and every appliance in the home and the user will be able to acquire all appliance energy consumption parameters. Along with this, the energy consumption parameters of each individual appliance will be sent to gateway where an intelligent algorithm will be running to manage all the appliances as per user requirements. The user can monitor the energy parameters of each individual load using an android smartphone which will also work as a data setter to set various user programmable parameters like high/low cut-off voltage, etc.


By automatically turning off loads when not in use, the system can provide energy savings in homes and offices. Applications for this system include workstations, open office cubicles, home offices, and home entertainment systems