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Inox Temperature Screening Solution, with multiple product types and wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios.

Thermal cameras can play an important role in helping organizations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.Around the world, governments are responding to the unprecedented circumstances related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. In many countries and regions, authorities have placed restrictions on their citizens movements and have increased guidance on the basic hygiene required to reduce the spread of the virus. The primary aim of this activity is to reduce the reproduction number (Rₒ) of COVID-19 by limiting contact between groups of people as much as possible.

Similarly, many government and healthcare authorities have provided guidance on the key symptoms associated with the disease. One of the key symptoms is an increased body temperature or fever.

Now Our Face recognition & Thermometry Terminal with access control and Body Temperature Screening Smart camera release for Basic Basic thermal body temperature solution.